Our pilots have experience with a range of systems, including those below.

Title Manufacturer Specifications Sensor Options
Phoenix 60 UAV Solutions

Weight: 15 lbs.
Range: 2 miles LOS
Payload capacity: 3 lbs
Endurance: 30-35 min

Thermal camera with object tracking

IRIS + 3D Robotics

Endurance: 16-22 min

Multispectral agricultural camera
GoPro NIR 
Phantom 3 DJI

Weight: 6.5 lbs                                                          
Endurance: 18 mins  

Stabilized HD camera 

Inspire 1 DJI

Weight: 6.5 lbs
Endurance: 18 mins   

Stablized 4K camera with independent control

S-900 DJI

Weight: 18 lbs                                            
Endurance: 18 mins        

Stablilzed DSLR 
Custom payloads up to 5 lbs
S-1000 DJI
Weight: 24 lbs                                            
Endurance: 20 mins   
Stabilized DSLR
Life vest  drop system for water rescue
Custom payloads up to 7 lbs
Solo 3D Robotics

Endurance: 25 min

Multispectral agricultural camera
GoPro NIR 
Phoenix ACE LE UAV Solutions
MGTOW: 9 lbs
Range: 2 miles 
Endurance: 45-60 min
Integrated thermal camera
Radiation sensor available
Phoenix ACE XL UAV Solutions
Weight: 48.5 lbs
Range: 2 miles
Payload capacity: 14 lbs
Endurance: 20-30 min

Custom payloads up to 14 lbs