Our pilots have experience with a range of systems, including those below.

Title Manufacturer Specifications Sensor Options
M600 Matrice Pro DJI

Weight: 22lbs
Payload Capacity: 18lbs
Endurance (without payload): 32min

Stabilized 4K camera with stabilized control

M200 Matrice DJI

IP-Rated (water-resistant)
Weight: 8.4lbs
Payload Capacity: 5.2lbs
Endurance (without payload): 27min

Stabilized 4K camera


Phantom 3 Advanced DJI

Weight: 6.5 lbs                                                          
Endurance: 18 mins  

Stabilized HD camera 

Inspire 1 DJI

Weight: 6.5 lbs
Endurance: 18 mins   

Stablized 4K camera with independent control

Solo 3D Robotics

Endurance: 25 min

Multispectral agricultural camera